Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to Drive with Less Fuel: A New Routine

If you are a fast and furious driver of an expensive car, your greatest fear would be that of the gasoline consumption of your car. We were able to collect valuable information on how to cut back on the liters that your engine is eating up every day.

You just have to make this part of your routine:

1. Read your manual and find out what fuel is the most compatible with your engine. Always remember to use the low-octane fuel.

2. Make sure that your gas cap is tightly closed. Take note that gasoline is so easy to evaporate.

3. Knowing that fuel is easy to evaporate, it’s a common technique to park the car in a shady area to stall the evaporation process. You can roll down the windows or the sun roof too.

4. Do a timely maintenance check-up for your engine. You can have regular filters, spark plug, and air filter replacements to make sure that your engine will be consuming minimum amount of fuel.

5. They call this the best cost-effective technique to save fuel. That would be choosing the car with the best mileage.

6.Lessen your speed. The faster your speed is in driving, the more fuel you are consuming.

7.Don’t drive if it’s not necessary or if there’s a better alternative like walking or biking instead.

These are about as simple as when you put one foot on the clutch and drive!




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