Monday, June 16, 2008

What to Do and Not to Do in Used Car Buying

Buying a used car might take more time and patience than buying a brand-new one. Here are basic tips for you to follow to make sure that your choice is fool-proof:

Do research before you strike a deal. The best document to ask would be a used car history report.

Ask somebody who knows about cars to help you choose.

It would be impractical to buy a car which is a remnant of a serious accident, specifically a frontal collision.

Test drive the car you have chosen. You might discover some defects as soon as the car hits freeways and highways, especially rough terrains.

Don’t get a car that requires minor repairs. They might turn big in due time.

Never buy a car that has survived a flood. You could be heading to a whole world of problems regarding corrosion, transmission, and the likes.

Contrary to what is implied by most buyers, treat salespersons in dealerships well. Instead of giving you a nightmarish quote for the selling price, you might be able to haggle to the least.

Don’t just believe in hearsay when you pick your choice. Double-check and do research.


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