Monday, July 21, 2008

Gearing Up for That Car Accident Culprit

You came from a soiree with some of your colleagues at work. Your half-drunk and half-driving, then wham! These pointers would help you out when you’re in that scenario:

Any driver or car owner should have the always-neglected first aid kit which should include flares, cones, or warning triangles, to aid you in case you’re in a remote area. It might help to have camera or a mobile with cam always to help you document the event and/or gather evidence of the accident.

Move your vehicle, any person involved in the accident, or any matter at that, that may cause further damage to the area or what might happen to be a traffic obstruction. Call for a tow truck if necessary.

Cooperate with any authorities but ask for your Miranda rights. Don’t divulge anything other than facts because it might incriminate you.

Document everything. Make a sketch of the accident scene and gather the specific info on the make, model, license plate of the car. Take pictures or videos of the accident scene.

Ask and get the license plate number, driver’s license number, name of driver and owner, address, contact info, insurance company, insurance policy numbers.

If there are witnesses, ask for their name, age, address, other contact details. Entrust them or their testimonies to the police and no one else.

Report all the pertinent information you gave to the police to your insurance company. You may include the evidence you had gathered.

No man in his right mind would like to have an accident, but it’s a must to be ready if it happens.


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