Monday, July 7, 2008

How to Give Your Car a New Look

Repainting your car takes a lot of cash from your pocket and a lot of time too. So before you decide to hand in your car to the nearest repair shop, it’s worth to consider a few tips first. The following are some pointers for evaluation to find out if your car is really worth the repairman’s time:

Even before you start shopping for a body paint and repair shop to help you with the repaint job, try to check first the level of repair needed for your car’s body. It might be that you can use some paints and other products for car finishing that can enhance the original color of your car. These products can help you for proper oxidation of your car and for removing light scratches and chalky feel. All you need is a can of primer, spray paint, sandpaper, and some car wax. You also need to have a discerning mind to know if you would have to do some patch-up work or a total body repaint for your car, and if you can do the patch-up by yourself or ask assistance from a repairman.

Another factor to consider whether to give it a custom or production repair is the length of time you will be using the car. Whether it is under lease and your contract is about to end or it would be a long time first before you can surrender your car to the dealership, try to figure out what costs more. Usually, car owners would resort to a repaint before returning the car to the dealership since it would cost much to be paying for the car’s residual value. Repaint is better for luxury cars but if your car is an old model and the scratch is not that visible then go for a patch-up job.


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