Monday, August 11, 2008

Top Ten Tips for Finding the Best Car Lease

1.Check for the car details.
The easiest way is to check the P11D price. The term is taken out from the form the tax man uses to record car details.

2.Check the payment system.
It's basic for whatever purchase you make. How much down payment you need to make and how many months left to pay the rent?

3. Check if the road fund licence is for the full term?
Full-time road fund licence should be included in the contract.

4. Ask if there is a delivery charge or what they call an administration charge.

5. Find out the name of the finance company behind the contract.
Your broker should tell you the complete details of the financing company as well as the contract and services they offer. If not, then he's bluffing.

6. Determine the coverage of maintenance.
Remember that it should cover all scheduled and remedial maintenance work, unlimited tires, batteries, and exhaust systems.

7. Figure out how mileage charges are calculated.
Some financing would use the two tier system: 5 per mile for the first 2,000 miles.

8. Verify how contract refurbishment costs are calculated.

9. A car's condition should be commensurate to the age and mileage. To make sure of the accurate measurements, refer to the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing association) guide.

10. Don't forget to ask the financing company these questions: How much leeway can you get to vary from your contract? And also if you're going to buy the car at lease end, how is the buy-out price calculated?


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