Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tips in Buying the Right Used Car

Buying a used car requires more than just patience; it demands an excellent dose of wit to figure out the best used car you can have. To make things easier for you, we stumbled upon these tips for you to land on a reliable used car.

1) Find out the reason why the car is being sold. There are a couple of hints you need to be keen of. First, if the owner bought a newer model of the same car, then that means he likes the car and might be that he has other needs to take care of, hence more car features. This is given that the car owner is also of good reputation. If the owner, on the other hand, bought another model and hints on unreliability, then that means the car won’t be a good buy.

2) Ask for receipts of purchase of parts and for any repair or modification to find out what have been done to the car for sale. It’s not a good choice when the car has undergone a lot of modifications. It means that its makeup is not intended for hard use, except when there’s a greater purpose of use other than what the car can offer in its original makeup.

3) So how does the car look? Just make sure that the interior is clean and well maintained. No stains or worse holes on the car seats and the rubber mats are in place. No scratches anywhere in the interior. Try to check if there is overspray of paint on the outside then it might be caused by an accident. Also if there are considerable marks on the tire, that means it has been abused in acceleration, which is not good for the engine. A vehicle report can sometimes hide a couple of things about the car so it pays to be work around it.

4) Determine the market value of the car by doing research and car reviews. You can check on other dealerships for the price of the same model and relatively same condition with the car you want to buy.

With these tips, you can be sure of the right used car without having to pay more than what you deserve.

Source: http://www.leemyles.com

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