Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don’t Lease during “Rainy” Days

When your credit card stays unused for some time already and it’s just tempting to lease a car, knowing that you only have to give a low monthly payment and repairs are not one of your concerns already, the best thing to do is think harder.
Car leasing might sound a good car deal option for anyone buried neck deep in debts, especially with its growing popularity and the number of topnotch cars available for lease in the market. Think ahead of your financial situation; once you start leasing a car, at the end of the contract, you would have to lease another car or buy out your current leased car. This means you would be a slave to your car dealership for your monthly payments for another three to five years.
So if you have a hefty amount for savings, try to pay all your debt and instead settle for a used car. Car leasing is good for those who were able to save up for the rainy days and there’s still some coming in from another source. With this used car option, you can actually own the car and there won’t be down payments and monthly payments to haunt you for years. You can get good price packages for a used car also.
Otherwise, do look for other alternative ways of earning and look for a car lease deal that would suit your needs well.


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